Riverview Farm was established as a mixed cropping farm in 1922 by my Great Grandfather Edward  Skurr.  

Generations of considerate farm management has given us the opportunity to create our own milling label Minchins Milling.

I have always been passionate about grain and have taken an interest in collecting and cultivating different strains and varieties over the years. We stand by the quality of our crop which has led us to take the next step to develop Minchins Milling. 

Minchins Milling uses the best grain partnered with the traditional stone milling  method to produce high quality and nutritious flour for you.


We are located on the south banks of the Waimakiriri River. Our climate and soil are perfectly suited to grain production. Cool winters combined with dry NW winds reduce the need for excess input to manage pests and disease.

Although our farming methods have developed over the years, our values have remained the same. We use sustainable farming practices. Whether it's nutrient budgets,GPS guidance, centre pivot irrigation, soil mapping and testing, incorporating crop residues, soil moisture monitoring probes, Farm Environment Plans, direct drilling, covercrops or bio diversity plantings, it is all part of our toolbox to benefit the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our farming methods are always being refined. Every operation is assessed  to get the right tool for the job. We find the most sensible way to use our land to yield  the highest quality crops whilst looking after the soil. Having a diverse crop rotation involving cereals, grasses, legumes and livestock are key to keep the soil nourished and balanced.



Running a good crop rotation and live-stock feeds the soil. Nature working with us. Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint whilst producing Premium Quality Food.

We keep up with progressive farming practices and technology, we’re investing back into the farm business to increase efficiency, resilience and biodiversity whilst enhancing the quality of our grain.

Our farm has a 2ha. native wetland and natural native areas which have been looked after for 4 generations and many more to come. It is one of very few remaining on the Canterbury Plains and we are proud of it. Fed by a natural spring, it’s a habitat for native flora and fauna.  

We farm the land in a manner that will give the next generation an equal or better opportunity to live a happy healthy lifestyle.